型号/ Model:JC102-LF

主要技术参数   Main specification

工件宽度Workpiece width
封边形状Edge shape
工件长度Workpiece length
进板速度Feeding speed
工件厚度board thickness
装机功率Total power
边带厚度Edge Thickness
外形尺寸Overall size
气压Air pressure


说明:可封18mm、22mm、25mm的 J形、C形、形L、弧形、斜边。

Illustrated: This model can realize the edge banding of J-shape, C-shape, L-shape, the arc shape with 18mm, 22mm and 25mm thickness.


One-key switch (board)


In order to meet the diverse needs of the current market, we provide different choices of board thickness and edge banding shapes in our original design. Three common board thicknesses including 18mm, 22mm, and 25mm are possible through setting on the screen. J-shape, C-shape and L-shape (the arc shape is optional) are available through the same operation on the screen. This model, with many function choices, indeed simplifies the edge banding process.


Central symmetry adjustment unit


Because of different board thicknesses, this unit provides optimal adjustment. For example, according to requirements, a 22mm board should be used. But the actual board thickness is 21mm instead, which may lead to loosening adhesion due to insufficient paste area for the puller position in the upper straight edge. In this case, we can enter a specific number through this unit to slightly get the J-shaped center point moved towards a certain direction, reasonably relocating the paste areas of the upper straight edge and the lower one and realizing the reasonable symmetrical ration of the J-shape and the board center.

L形 (选配固定20mm水平深度)L-shaped (The fixed 20mm horizontal depth is optional)

选配伺服可调5~28mm水平深度)(The servo-controlled 5-28mm horizontal depth is optional)



This model can be applied to thin-edged cabinets with minimalist design and bathroom cabinets.

With the function adjusting the horizontal depth, customers can adjust the vertical and horizontal depth of the L-shape within a specific range to produce more L-shaped furniture, like the combination of L-shaped board and 45° bevel board. This provides more choices for furniture design.


Machine structure


The machine beam is 300mm in thickness, well matching with heavy-lift column support and servo lifting unit. The boards can be pressed more stably and more perfect on the conveyer belt.


Separating agent


Before any processes, the board is sprayed with separating agent to form an isolation film, which later helps to clean the spilled glue easily.


Milling unit


There are 4 sets of milling devices with a maximum of 7 knives. Within the unit, there are servo motor and air cylinder which can enable the flexible switching of different knives. All knives are made of diamond material which can produce better effect and be more durable. As a smooth milling surface is highly required in the soft forming edge banding, the principal axis is equipped with a high-speed motor which runs 12,000 rounds per minute. This makes sure the milling surface is more smooth.


Edge band conveying unit


This unit is equipped with a glue pot. For the soft forming edge banding, gluing on the edge band is more common. During this process, the glue temperature softens the edge band first, and the edge band will be re-softened through another unit later. The conveying platform can back-move through manual button to enable the easy disassembling of the glue pot. The model is also equipped with pre-gluing box which ensures timely refill of glue and prevents the glue from turning yellow. Besides, the glue line is almost invisible.


Multifunctional edge pressing device


The pressing device is made of aluminum alloy, which ensure that forming templates and press roller are not subject to temperature changes and deformation. The pressing device can provide service to boards with a 18mm, 22mm and 25mm thickness and to J-shaped, C-shaped, L-shaped and the arc-shaped board. The press device moves back and forth slightly to provide high accuracy. Frequent switching won’t lead to position deviation and poor adhesion.


Constant temperature device


Soft forming edge banding is susceptible to temperature changes. It’s very important to keep a constant temperature during the pressing process, especially in winter. As a result, we install a cosy over the edge presser to provide a maximum temperature of 70°C. The temperature can heat quickly with a small area, thus helping to save energy.


Edge band softening adjustment unit


The soft forming edge band commonly ranges from 0.5mm to 0.55mm in width. The softening control and board material largely decide the edge banding effect. So small-particle and high-density board should be priority choice. The edge band will crinkle if it is too soft and will rebound if not soft enough. To solve this problem, we design a infinite rotary temperature adjustment device which can adjust the needed-to-be softened position through 3 sets of rotary switches under different temperatures and with different edge band materials.


End-trimming unit


Because of different sizes of J-shape and C-shape, their depth cut by the trimming saw will not be the same. So a gadget which can move forward and back is installed under the trimming machine to advance when a J-shaped board is trimmed and to retreat when a C-shaped board is trimmed. Distinct from the machine which is equipped with two sets of trimming devices, this gadget can provide more stability as it helps to save more space.


Servo-controlled auxiliary press roller


The front and the rear ends of the soft forming edge band may loosen due to the rotation-led gravity by the trimming saw. To solve this problem, a servo-controlled auxiliary press roller is installed to press the board again, ensuring perfect edge banding effect.


Trimming unit


There are rough trimming and fine trimming. As the length of the upper edge band is usually longer that the to-be-edge-banded board, a servo-controlled trimming unit is installed to get the additional upper edge band trimmed to make sure the folding corner fit well with the board.


Flat scraping unit (optional)


The optional flat scraping device can get the remnant wastes on and under the board cleaned.


Cleaning agent


There inevitably are remnant glue on the board surface due to the fast rotation of the trimming saw among the trimming process. Those remnants will be dissolved by the cleaning agent, which provides great convenience for the later buffing.

抛光单元 Polishing unit


After the cleaning process, the board will be buffed in its edge banding joints.